Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not again! Well...ya, again.

I hate to confess, but I feel like I have to.  I stopped going to Weight Watchers.  I had sort of a melt down.  While trying to learn and get used to the new system, I also had to try to pay attention to my salt intake and cholesterol levels, and I got overwhelmed.  Oprah says that when you need to learn a lesson, the Universe whispers to you.  If you don't listen, it starts yelling.  I got yelled at this morning in the form of GMA's health contributor, talking about salt intake and what too much will do to your body.  My doctor had told me pretty much the same thing.  My body has been telling me too.  I was so swollen this morning from the Chinese food we ate in honor of Jay's birthday, that I had gained seven pounds.  Some of that I'm sure are more fat cells, but I know for sure some was water.  My fingers hurt, and my ankles are swollen from too much yard work and excessive salt.  Damn General Taos. 
So today I went back to see my friends at WW.  Anita noticed, and said she missed me.  A couple of others mentioned that I was back...including one fellow army wife (ret.).  They make me feel good.  I get the feeling that they actually notice when I'm gone, and they let me know it's great that I'm back.
I am fully committed to this.  I AM going to loose some weight, but more importantly I will NOT die of a salt induced heart attack. 
I've done it before, and dammit I will do it again!  Do me a favor, AND HOLD ME TO IT, OKAY?

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