Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Idle Wednesday



It was really simple in plan...Scrape the canvas off, sand the wood smooth, stain the different woods different colors.  Sounds easy, right? I spent DAYS getting it done, and I'm STILL dusting brown dust off of things in the house.  But, it was totally worth it.  This trunk holds every single item of clothing that I needed it to, and is perfect for the new front room we will have.  I can't wait to show it off in it's new home!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wistful History

                  How cool would it be if our little Edmonton parades did actual floats like this one?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hitting the Oregan Trail, Better Stock Up!

Am I the only one that gets this excited about spices? I stopped at the local independent grocery and grabbed one of everything I would actually use.   I'm especially excited about the Garam Masala, and the Ghost Pepper Powder!!  I must use ALL THE THINGS! 

Idle Wednesday

If you are friends with me on facebook, then you have probably already seen this, but I wanted to make sure I got the last couple of projects I've done on the blog. I am particularly proud of this one, and next weeks entry.  I had been eyeballing this lap desk at the antique store for a while.  I didn't really need it, because I have  a couple already, so I never even looked at the price.  So, when Sheila came to visit, we went back to the store and it was still there.  I decided to go ahead and check it out.  It was full of office supplies, and was only 12$ ! Yay! So, obviously, I nabbed it.  Laurel drew my initials in pencil, and I etched them into the wood with the dremel etcher Jay got me.  I sanded it down with super fine sand paper, and then simply polished the wood with some lemon oil.  No need to varnish this one! I am in love with this piece. It's probably the last project Laurel and I will work on for a while.

Photo Dump of the Century!

December 2014, school dances!
Febuary 2015 (New movie theater is open)
Masquerade Ball March 2015
Miah's masquerade ball March 2015
Febuary 2015 Ama and Laurel cuddling.

I went home in April, 2015 and Scotty Bought me dinner!

Dad's favorite, Butterscotch pie!

Laurel loves the shirt Sheila got her, but doesn't love the picture I'm making her take!
We went to Cahokia state park for our 2014 anniversary. I love it when I can get Jay to really laugh!

Artsy Shadow Of Jay

Laurel and her boyfriend, Barlow

Laurel and Barlow not amused about the cold weather. November, 2014

Laurel and Justin at the park April, 2015

Like the flower crown?

Justin Smiles!
April 2015 Miller cave

April 2015 Miller cave

April 2015 Miller Cave Laurel and Barlow

Me, Jay, Ama, Barlow, Laurel, Miah and Justin Miller Cave April 2015

Jay, Ama, and me Miller cave, April 2015

May 2015 Laurel's last concert with the Army Band

May 3rd, 2015 Happy Hollow Park, Miah
                                                                  PROM May 2, 2015

Mikayla (Laurel's best friend, and Justin's girlfriend) and Justin

Awards night Laurel won a huge scholarship, but couldn't use it outside Mo.


The Wilson's came to see Laurel graduate!

Laurel's Birthday/Graduation party

They released a balloon for every student as they received their diplomas.

Laurel's last concert :(

Miah's first day of high school

Mikayla and laurel had a sleep over. We watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Harley decided she likes Mikayla!

On the way to Laurel's school, we stopped off to visit Kathy Smith!

Isn't he cute as a button?!

Laurel's dorm door.

Her dorm

We had to have some help!


Laurel got everything organized "just so".

Jay making my birthday dinner...

Which was fish tacos! Serious yum!

AND chocolate cake!

We got bored one weekend, and did the penny challenge.  Ended up at the stables.


Mom's cat! We actually got to see him this time!

Most of the kids...Goff, Posey, Wilson and La Forest

Laurel and Benjamin

Oops, wrong spot! Laurel's professional Prom Pic
On the way home, the car had issues...note Jay's face...

Jay and Aspen. Aww Labor Day "Goodbye" party September 6th, 2015

Laurel and Matthew


Amelia and Laurel

Me and Sheila

Sheila and Jay

Sara and Me


Aspen and Miah

Virgil and Scotty

Billie (Mom) Sara and Rowan


Sadie, Avery, Emma< Miah and Aspen

My 16th anniversary present. It's petrified wood!
That concludes the photo dump of the century.  That took forever! Until next time....