Saturday, September 13, 2008

Food for thought.

I just want to clarify, that I am fully capable of admiring a woman for her strength, and for her accomplishments, but still not want her to be the VP. I do not know her personally, therefore I cannot possibly have an opinion of her as a person. My opinion of her is based soley on her record and her policies.
I would also like to point out that I love the country we live in because we all have a right to believe and say what we wish, without fear of reprisal.
Absolutly NONE of my friends share in my religious beliefs, and most don't like my political beliefs either, but I still love them. That is the BEST part of living in America.
If I can be tolerant of everyone else's beliefs, then all I expect in return is the same respect.
So, click the link. Read what a lot of other women think. And be glad you live in a place where you are allowed to disagree.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sara's August bead mix.

I have been staring at these beads for a month, trying to figure out how to make them into something special, and with last night's inspiration, I came up with this. There are a couple of things I want to fix, but I think they are things only I will notice. What do ya think, Sara?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The goodwill challenge

OKay, I was going to do this tomorrow, but I got bored TONIGHT.

Absolutly everything here I got from goodwill. The links, the old earrings, the antique watch and the chain pieces. Not too bad for what was a pile of junk about 30 minutes ago. I modeled it for Miah a second ago and she said, "Oh, it's pretty, it fits your personality!" Nothing like an eight year old to make you feel special. :P

Spoils from the Pow WOW

At the Pow Wow last weekend, which my mom drove down to attend, I picked up these "beads" the lady I bought them from said that they are from a clam called a "black pen". Never heard of it, but they called to me. Usually I hold onto something forever before I finally get around to making the item I had in mind, but since moving my "studio" downstairs, I've been inspired more. I'm not sure when I'll ever get to wear this, seeing as next year I won't be here for the Pow Wow, but I'll think of something. :)
Tomorrow I am going to dig through all of my goodwill finds and come up with something strange. I'll post it when I'm done!

A beautiful man...

It's been a rough day for me. Usually when I feel bad, or I'm upset I turn to Jeremiah to talk me down, or beam love my way and make things better, if only for the moment he is with me. Today he's training and I can only send an email. It helps, but not as much.
Since our anniversary is only a couple of days away, I thought I would tell the world why I love him and what I miss about him when he's deployed. Some of these will sound dumb, I'm sure, but we cannot control what moves us.
1. When he comes home from work, the first thing he does is kick off his boots, peel off his uniform top, and wraps his arms around me.
2. He sneaks up behind me while I'm working and hugs me with his chin on my shoulder.
3. He always calls when he is on his way home from work, and asks me if I need anything on his way home. Even though I usually say no, he still asks.
4. He pretends to like going antique shopping, just because I do. Sometimes he even suggests it when I look like I need a break.
5. He never demands I do anything. He always respects me. We are equals, in every way.
6. He looks at me like I am the only woman on the planet.
7. He thinks I'm strange for thinking I'm not perfect.
8. He does little things all the time that let me know how much he loves me, but doesn't think any of them are special. Because it's just what he does.
9. He ALWAYS puts the toilet seat down!
10. He is supportive. No matter what he thinks, when I really want to do something, he goes with the flow.
11. He has sacrificed a huge portion of his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to ensure that our family is taken care of.
12. He goes out of his way to be able to communicate with me, to the point of waking up at insane times for him, just so I dont' have to be up too late, or too early.
13. He is also beautiful. Handsome, cute, attractive. Whatever the acceptable term is, Jay, you're it, and I love you.

I remember.

Seven years ago today, I was sipping tea in my living room at home in Edmonton Ky. My husband had just shipped off to Korea for a year long tour, and my two kids were 4 and 27 months. I was still getting used to the idea that I was home again from Georgia, and Jay was gone for the first time. I had a routine of getting up while the kids were still sleeping, having some tea, and watching Good Morning America.

I can't remember what was going on in the show when the special announcement came on, but I remember the look on Charlie's face when he announced that there had been an accident. I was glued to the television, marveling at the horror. Imagining all the people stuck in the top of the tower, and wondering if they could get a helicopter to the top to rescue them, when while I watched, a second plane flew into the screen. My first thought was that it was a plane surveying the damage, or news people getting footage. I thought my heart was going to stop beating when I realized what was going on. I knew instantly we were in trouble. Then the phone rang.

Jay was still awake, and watching the news and decided to call me. We were talking about what was going on, wishing that he were home. This was all so scary, what was going on?

Then the other reports. The white house!! The ABC camera was at such an angle that it looked like the WH was on fire. It was only after five minutes or so that they really got a better angle and realized that it was the Pentagon. I was immediatly afraid that the WH and other places were in serious danger. At that moment it seemed like the entire country was under attack, and God only knew what was going to be hit next.

I think I spent the next whole week watching tv. The only reason that I finally stopped was that I realized that though Laurel wasn't really watching, she would make strange comments, and get upset. She thought that every time she saw the pictures it was happening all over again. She was upset that I was upset, and though I really felt that I needed to be watching, that hearing the stories of the lost family members, and seeing their faces would somehow honor them, and I would remember them forever, I had to turn it off.

Every year, I watch the ceremony, in much the same way I watched the event itself happen. I sit on my couch with a cup of tea, and I listen to their names, and I look at their faces. I remember some of the stories, and I remember more of their faces. I cry for them. I cry for thier families, and I do think of them often through out the year. I remember them when my husband deploys, and I remember them when he comes home safe.

I don't pray, and I'm not sure I believe in God, but I do remember.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Jay,

Dear Jay,
I love you more than anything in the UNIVERSE, but I think that nine years of marriage, a deployment, and LOVE have made you crazy!
This is georgous. I love it! I never would have opened this box and thought that it would have come from you...
The fact that it is Waterford, made in Ireland, and a Thistle vase! So totally cool. We need a better house to display this!
So, partially to brag about you, partially to show off this georgous crystal vase, and partially well, just because, I'm posting this on my blog.
You are the best man I know. How lucky am I that I found you?
Now I feel bad that this year my present was silly, goofy, and cutesy. I guess I'll have to make it up to you later with your welcome home present! (heads out of gutters, not that!)
I'm trying to add the labels for this post, and when I type "love" it keeps filling in "reasons I love my monkey" not really the idea I was shooting for here!!!
P.P.S. I love you so very much...

This weeks projects:

New pet peeve...

People who yell at me for not helping them as much as they think I should.

I'm not a psychic.

I'm going through this deployment too, only with two kids, a dog, and two jobs. I have had several emergencies this year that would make other people quit and crawl into bed, but not me....I get yelled at for not antisipating your need for me to call you and let you vent to me.

There was an entry a while back, where I offered to go the heck and back to help people, if only they LET ME KNOW they needed me. How do I do that if I have no clue there is an issue? Do you know how many people there are in HHT? Do you know how many people call me for Operation Homefront? Do you have any clue? NO. So chill out, and cut it out. OMG.

Thank God I'm PCSing. I NEED a change of scenery.

Sorry I ranted, but good grief, the cojones on some people!

Some of my creations...and other news

I have made a bunch of stuff lately that I want to show off, but just don't have time this instant to scan them all. I'll get to it later! Right now I'm taking a break from fixing my FRG roster. My eyeballs are swimming with email addresses, and my neck is killing me!

In other news, Jay and I have been researching Fort Gordon like crazy, and it turns out that there are no DOD (department of defence) schools on post, so we are going to go ahead and rent a house off post! I'm terribly excited. It'll be the first time we get to choose our dwelling in more than 6 years, so now maybe we can live in a place that isn't embarrassing to have friends over!
I have to admit to being nervous. I'm really out of practice in the moving department. It seems like we were moving once a year for a long while there, but we've been fairly stable for a long while. I have no clue where to start!
Anywho...More jewelry to show off later!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Georgia On My Mind

WE are going to FORT GORDON!!!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something creative...

At the beginning of the last deployment, I was so sad, and angry that I had to go through the next 12 months alone again, I just had to get it out of me. I mixed some decoupage techniques with paint, water, and glue and this is what came pouring out of me. I thought I'd share and see what everyone thinks. My brother and his girlfriend thought it was awesome, but you never can tell with family. Also, I can't tell b/c when I look at it I know exactly what I was thinking, so it conveys to me what I wanted it to convey to someone else. Feedback? Criticism?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Political Ranting....

(What WOULD you think of Ms. Palin if she were black??)

I've been googling the heck out of Mrs. Palin for the past couple of days, intrigued by her, really. Initally I was curious because she doesn't seem like the typical political woman. She likes guns (me too) She is a member of the NRA (me too) She doesn't like tht good 'ole boy network, and goes out of her way to beat it....sounds great....
Until we dig a little deeper. She doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose, which is not a black and white issue for me, it has nuances and extenuating circumstances that I just dont' think can be answered with a "yes" or "no", and she believes in teaching abstinence. Ya. That doesn't work. Kids will do whatever they want, the difference is will they use a condom? Not if they don't have one!!! Hmmm....It makes me wonder what kind of person she really is...
Don't get me wrong, as a woman I admire what she has accomplished. She seems like one tough lady. I might like her in another life, and if she couldn't possibly be second in line to the Oval Office, which scares me. The lack of experience scares me! Hey, don't yell at me, Obama scares me too....I'm completely freaked out this election year, and yet again it's going to come down to voting for the lesser of two evils. I hate to say it again, but my one and only concern, the most important thing to me is that my husband gets to spend more than 5 months at home at a time. PLEASE!!!

Oh, and for the heck of it, I recorded the RNC last night so I could laugh at Bush. Eh, no such luck. They very smartly pre-recorded his speach, so there were no "ummms" to count. He actually sounded like a half way intelligent guy for once....
I just want to say, Bah humbug to Laura, who's best statement regarding her husband's legacy was that he has kept our country safe. Huh? I don't know about you, but the country doesn't feel very safe to me...I am constantly worried about the safety of my husband, and is this what she is telling the families of all the dead soldiers? I knew some of these men, and I'll bet their families don't feel very safe right now either. What the HAY??? Our country is hated, our economy sucks, gas prices are so high people are actually having to go without in order to be able to drive to work every day.... I am helping more and more soldiers returning from home w/ PTSD who can't afford to eat, let alone drive around to look for a job....Good god! I'm amazed at the spin.
In case you were going to ask....I'm a Libertarian. Registered independant. And I love a good debate, so go ahead and disagree with me!

Wonder where you stand? Take this quiz :

Where I stand:

Your PERSONAL issues Score is 100%.
Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 80%.

According to your answers, the political group that agrees with you most is... LIBERTARIANS
support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. Libertarians tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.......................................................................

Good morning!

Eh, that's all. Just wanted to say hello!
I hope the sun finds you happy, healthy, and grateful for the things you have!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

--------> From the front.

I just wanted to let everyone know how special my wife is. I love her dearly.

Comments from the back seat!

This morning we were dropping Laurel off at school, and since she has to be there at an ungodly hour, there are still guys doing PT on the side of the is Miah's commentary...

Miah: "Huh, isnt' that odd?"

Me: "What kiddo?"

Miah: " The MP guys." (I'm thinking , oh oh, where??)

Me: "What about them?"

Miah: "They walk to those orange cones, then walk back like Egyptians!"

Me: "What??"

Miah: "Look!" ( I look over to see several soldiers in PTs doing lunges while walking towards orange traffic cones.)

Me: "OMG Miah! You mean PT!"

Miah: "NO, Mama, MP's!!"

Me: "Okay. MPs walk like Egyptians." HA HA HA HA HA

Miah: "Apparently!"

If she weren't so stubborn, I'd explain the difference between Mps and Pt. But I've told her before, and she insists. Isn't she too young to still be doing this???

Monday, September 1, 2008