Thursday, April 21, 2011


An Accomplishment.
Jay is always saying that he is who he is, because of me.  So, now I'm going to officially take credit for the guy who:
  1. Buys flowers for no reason.
  2. Has NEVER left the toilet seat up.
  3. Runs to the grocery store at the drop of a hat if I need him to.
  4. Does chores on weekends to help me out.
  5. Makes coffee every morning.
  6. Makes pancakes every Sunday.
  7. Can sometimes hear me calling him in my head. He used to call randomly from Iraq just after I thought to myself how much I needed to hear his voice.  He still does it now, but I just need it to happen less, now that he's home. The other day I was watching "Army Wives" (don't give me grief!) and I was thinking about when a soldier died like on the show, I just wanted to be able to see Jay's face, and talk to him...and maybe five minutes later he called to tell me how long he was going to work out, so he'd be home in time to get the kids with me.  He hasn't called home in the middle of the work day in a million years.  Interesting.  And awesome.
  8. Is constantly trying to improve himself by taking college classes, so that one day he can be a teacher.
  9. Is completely and totally loyal to the purpose of his job.  He doesn't play the "games" he just puts his head down and does his work, because he loves it.  I can't really take credit for this one though, but it still makes him awesome.
  10. Has completely overcome his childhood, and is who he is despite it all.  I think I can take credit for a little bit of this, because I expect him to be better, and therefore he is.  ;)

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