Friday, April 22, 2011


What's in your fridge? -Kathy Jeffries Smith's idea!
  1. Shrimp tempura (guilty pleasure, lots of points, but yummy)
  2. Boca Burgers.  (They taste just like the burgers and Gene's Freeze back home. :)
  3. Feta Cheese (My favorite kind of cheese, except Havarti)
  4. Grape leaves (for making Dolmas)
  5. Tahini (for making Hummus)
  6. Chicken broth (just for Scotty!)
  7. Hot pickle ( because I've been addicted since I was a baby)
  8. Fresh Ginger (in a tube.  Trying out a new product.  Usually it would be the whole fresh root)
  9. Parsnips (these are awesome in potato soup, or mashed potatoes)
  10. Okra (The kids are going to pickle them)
  11. Kiwi
  12. Asparagus  (Laurel's favorite)
I grabbed all the things out of my fridge that I knew my BF Sheila would make fun of me for having.  Especially the chicken broth.  I made Sheila and Scotty mashed potatoes using chicken broth rather than butter and milk, and they HATED them!  I still get made fun of. 
So, are my items unusual?  What's in your fridge??

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