Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Idle Wednesday

Steampunk chic from Michael's

I've really been racking up the projects here, so much so that I'm forgetting to take pictures and keep up with the documentation!  I am so glad I started this weekly post though.  I wasn't making anything at all for a while there, housework and military stuff, and kids all having higher priority than even thinking of a new project.  Now I find myself looking at things and trying to figure out how they might fit in, or if they'd qualify for the post.  This week's project is straight from Mitchael's.  I went in to get some "lockables" storage containers, which by the way, are the best, and ended up falling in love with the home made look and feel of these ceramic beads.  This is incredibly simple, but wasn't easy to make.  I had to individually open and close those links, and that was NOT an easy task, let me tell you!  I have blisters on my palms, and my flat nose pliers are now loosing the plastic coating on the handles.  Boo!

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