Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weight Watchers and My Struggle to Maintain Motivation

Why is it that when people who have lost a hundred lbs get interviewed, they never mention the hard parts? The parts where you get hypothermia while crying and struggling up a huge hill, or you get fed up and get the desperate urge to sabotage yourself and eat a triple burger from Wendy's. I think those people suck.
We have made a new rule. If its below 32, we don't walk. I can't take it. Last night was the worst three miles I've walked so far...
I can't seem to lose any weight unless I bust my ass to the point of being half dead, so I have no choice. This is a terrible struggle for me. And I don't like doing it. It feels like such a huge waste every time I step on the scale and only lose a tenth of a pound, or god forbid I don't walk for a week during an ice storm, and gain a full pound!! Even though I did an extra hour and a half on the bike that I don't usually do. I have a feeling that next Tuesday isn't going to be very good either. I used extra points to have some coffee ice cream, that I really NEEDED! And every time I use extra weekly points I don't do well.
I am faithfully getting up every single morning at 5 am to bike for thirty minutes, then on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Mondays Jay and I walk the three mile loop. I am eating my Daily points, sometimes maybe having one or two left over, and sometimes I use a couple of weekly extra points. But it's going terribly slowly. Slow enough to make it hard to keep motivated.
Okay....whining session has to be over now. I walk again tomorrow, and hopefully the temperature will cooperate.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Countdown to Spring Begins!

Only 20 days until the first day of spring. I can't wait to get outside and get my herb garden started.
This morning on the way to school, we saw a huge group of geese on their way back from winter break. There were so many together that they had split into three huge Vs. Miah apparently had never noticed this before, and I laughed when she yelled out that "it looks like a giant arrow".
We have been seeing Blue Jays, Robins, and Cardinals in the back yard for a while now. Thank goodness, because this winter has lasted forever!
It's just a couple of weeks until spring break, and this year we are planning a couple of trips. There is a bead show in St. Louis I want to check out, and in Kansas City there are a few museums specializing in Jessie and Frank James. Both of their graves, the house that Jessie was murdered in, and their childhood home. This history was the only reason I was excited about moving to the middle of nowhere. I can't wait!
School is ending on Laurel's birthday this year. She has waited her entire life for this to happen, just so she could have cupcakes at school. What a weirdo! So...for her sweet sixteen all she wants is to take a friend to the movies, and cupcakes at school. I think we can handle that! Also...she is dying for more Think Geekcertificates. Just in case you want to send her some.

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Harley and Laurel, Downward Dog

YouTube Video

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