Saturday, April 16, 2011


"Something Jay has never done."
This post has multiple pictures simply because I couldn't sum the trip up with one.  I took over 400 pictures that day, and these made the cut.  I really wanted more, but I figured I'd loose your interest before then.  
Mom, Jay, the kids and I drove to the Zoo in S.C. for Jay's birthday.  We were going to go last year, but the schedule he had didn't lend itself to weekend trips, or making actual long term plans.  It all worked out though, because mom got to go with us this way.
We watched the bears play fight for a long while.  They looked just like Miah and Harley playing in the front room.  So cute.

You can't see it, but Jay is so excited right then.


The only thing separating he and I was an inch of glass.  He kept giving me this look, and it made me feel like springing him from his prison.  At one point some small kids were smacking the glass and giving him a hard time, so he unfurled his impossibly long, hairy arm and smacked the glass with a thump.  The kids all screamed and jumped back..but I doubt they learned anything.

He sat there in the corner forever. It was scary to see him in comparison to the girls, because it occurred to me that he was powerful enough to crush them, and they seemed way too close to him at that moment.  Even with the glass.

When we walked up to him, Mom said "Ron!"  and then he looked at me.  Spooky.

Stretch Jay!

He was right in our faces!  He smells like hay and warm fur.

Miah seemed to have some sort of hold on the animals. Nearly all of them walked up to her.

This one really wanted to say hello.

An acrobatic show off, this one is!

I loved being in their building.  It was humid, and smelled heavily of eucalyptus.  It had an over all calming effect on me. 

Some kids started making roaring sounds, and so he started talking back.  Miah roared at him and had a conversation.

Miah got to feed the coy.  They were the biggest I'd ever seen.

See his number?

When we walked up, he was the one right in the front.  What are the odds?

We stayed the longest with the penguins.  One of them fell in love with Miah.

I have six or seven pictures of him coming back to her to say hello.

Waiting for Miah to be done with the penguins.

He didn't like me.  I may have shot one of his cousins once.

This was Jay's favorite bird.  He's still talking about it a week later.

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