Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Today's thought:
There are more things in heaven and earth...then are dreamed of in your philosophy.

-W. Shakespeare

I've been watching a series of educational programs narrated by Morgan Freeman. There were episodes on the big bang, black holes, time travel, it's all talked about at times just above my level. But one of the questions posed was what there was before the big bang. I have had a theory on this for a while now and would like to share it now. This is all based on my understandings of popularly accepted science. But if there is a blatant flaw in it, I don't know what it could be. Here it goes:

As we understand the universe, it is constantly expanding from a central point. Throughout it is pockmarked by black holes. These are so powerful that they pull even light into themselves. Super-massive ones are believed to be at the center of each universe, but at the center of some are multiple black holes that are combining. It stands to reason to me that these holes would be getting larger and more powerful, eventually so many that these ultra-massive or mega-massive black holes would first reverse gravity, and eventual force all matter in on itself. I know that science is still struggling with gravity, but what I understand is that the closer to the center you get the stronger the pull becomes, and the larger an object's mass the more gravity it exerts. This would indicate to me that it is essentially possible for all of every thing to force itself back to one pinpoint. This pinpoint would be so small and packed with energy that it would not be sustainable and then...bang, along comes the new universe.

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