Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Guess what I'm going to be doing today? 
I've had these glasses for eight or nine years. I love them.  I still think if them as my "new" glasses.  Right now I'm wearing the "old" ones.  Thank god I hold on to things!  I'm so ticked off.  Jay and I were just making a budget for the next few months so that we could afford a trip home, two girls' birthdays, attaching a hitch to the jeep, and renting a u-haul trailer.  Now I have to smash that budget all to hell with glasses.  The really irritating, frustrating, ridiculous thing is that they snapped in half while I was cleaning them.  Immediately after I was showing Jay how badly scratched up his were after a few months, compared to my old-as-hell ones.  Karma laughing at me? 

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