Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today- Picture by Miah, of Cookie
Cookie is a friend of ours from WW's.  She asked last week if I could make her a hat like Miah's for the winter.  Since I probably won't be here by the time it starts getting cold, I decided to make her a hat right away so I wouldn't forget.  Sort of a funny thing to get as a gift on the first day of summer, but what can you do?  Miah picked out the color, Laurel picked out the box to present it in.
Today wasn't a good day for Cookie, and she told us that getting this gift made her feel better.  I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to hear that something I made put a genuine smile on someone's face.  I got just a little choked up when she told me she was lucky to have us as friends.  Let me tell you, Miah is in love with this lady.  She always has something funny, helpful, or interesting to say in the meetings.  She's wonderfully friendly, and hugs Miah when we come in.  I'd have to say that we were equally lucky to be able to call Cookie friend too. 
So, I made a Beret, a Rosette pin, and an infinity scarf.  I figured that it might be hard to find a matching scarf, and since I had leftover yarn, why not?  If I knew how to make mittens, I would have made those too.  I really need to learn how!!!
Did you notice that the hat and scarf match Cookie's outfit?  It's her favorite color! 

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