Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Privates suck, and almost ruin a perfectly good Saturday.

Oh, good grief.  I don't think I can live in Georgia much longer. 
This past weekend Jay and I took the kids to the dollar theater to see Rio.  About five minutes into the movie a group of seven privates walked in and sat directly in front of us.  Immediately I leaned over to Jay and informed him that if they misbehaved I was going to loose my mind.  What in the world are seven men (boys) doing in a group in a kids movie? 
It turns out that what they were doing was getting drunk.  I shit you not.  Seven privates, from Fort Gordon, Georgia, shamed themselves and the entire army by sneaking rum into a kids movie, and had the misfortune to sit directly in front of me.  The instant they started leaning over to pour the rum, I took off like a shot to find an employee.  I am sad to have to say that even though the guy I talked to said that he would be in to check on them, he NEVER did.  After a long enough time that we realized that the management wasn't coming to stop these guys from drinking in front of about twenty very small children, Jay grabbed two of them up and employed the  "Army Voice" as he calls it.  He didn't make a huge scene, he waited until two of them left the theater to go the the bathroom  (no need to interrupt the movie, and start a huge thing in front of everyone.)  Just a minute after Jay came back and sat down, the rest of the idiots got a text from the guys Jay grabbed, and they took off.  I had Laurel grab one of the guys cups for proof, and after the movie Jay and I grabbed the manager up and handed him the alcohol, pointed out the idiot I had talked to earlier, and explained to him how shameful the entire incident was.  I have no clue what happened after we left, but I can tell you that I will NOT be going back to the

GTC Masters 7 Cinemas , on Washington Rd.

ever again!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you...I would have done the same in NH! FWR