Thursday, June 23, 2011

365 (Miah's Birthday)

Crabby Patty!

Lettuce, mayo, ketchup, mustard, meat and bun!

Miah has always wanted Mylar balloons, so Daddy brought some home for her.

Eleven candles take up a lot of space!

Make a wish!

Miah's Surprise presents (everything else she knew about)

For Miah

For Megan

Even cut in half it looks like a burger!  So cool.
From Manny, for Megan
From Me and Jay
From Manny
From Manny
The skirt outfit Manny made.
The dress Manny made.
Miah bug, my little monkey turned eleven today. 
She was supposed to go out to the movies, and get to eat at whatever restaurant she wanted, but instead she choose two Ghostbuster movies, and home made hot wings. 
Jay and I planned to REALLY surprise Miah with a cake (Laurel knew we were making her a cake the night before, so that surprise was a bust)  so instead of baking ourselves, we called publix.  Jay picked up the cake, candles, and balloons on the way home from work and got her good.  She really thought we weren't going to do anything!  Silly girl!  Miah's favorite things seems to be the balloons.  And those were an afterthought really.  She begs me for a balloon every single time we see them at the store.  She has done this since she was a little bitty thing.  Now she's sitting on the couch watching movies, and holding her balloons in her lap. 

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