Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Idle Wednesday

It's been a looong week!  I haven't had time to get any art projects done, so for the first time ever I am actually NOT Idle on Idle Wednesday.  I've been cleaning and organizing the house in anticipation of new orders, so other things have fallen by the wayside. 
The girls and I decided to polish some glass last week, so we shattered a beer bottle, some old glasses, and a coffee mug and spent the entire week listening to them roll around in the rock tumbler.  Mind numbing, yes, but cool nonetheless.  Today I spent a couple of hours polishing, soldering, buffing and sanding.  The above are my results.
Next week I'll have a couple more.  I just put some pieces of a china bowl that Jay broke, a pottery mug, and some raw semiprecious stones.  More whirring and tumbling from the pantry (we are trying to lesson the sounds a bit) and a week later we will have something to work with.

I have successfully cleaned, rearranged, reorganized and purged every room downstairs.  I have a whole kitchen table full of books to give away, we got rid of the cookbooks we never use, packed up the baby blankets and toys that I've hauled all over the country, and some kitchen stuff that I want to keep but won't have room for in a tiny post-housing kitchen.  I'm pooped.  The trouble is that I saved the worst for last.  I hate cleaning my room, and I absolutely dread cleaning out my closet.   I have to though...I have to keep reminding myself that less junk means an easier move...

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So Cool. So very cool.