Sunday, June 12, 2011


Something Normally Overlooked
The top photo would be my laundry/utility room.  Usually when I'm doing a project, I ask the kids to "put this back where it goes" or "Go find the wrench" maybe even a "See if we have this --- ---- tool"  The kids ALWAYS put things back haphazardly, in the wrong place, or not at all.  I may find my level in the middle of the floor, or spare screws in the dryer. You never know.
What I'm saying is....The kids are always overlooking my organization.  I'm always overlooking the mess they make.  I got tired of it, and decided to make it stop.  I took this picture this morning, three weeks after we finished the big clean/purge of 2011.  Except for the couple of bottles on the shelf that have tipped over, it's exactly the way I put it.  The kids finally decided that they don't want to have to spend an entire week cleaning up after themselves.  Every single day they have helped me clean up for exactly 40 minutes in the morning.  Friday they helped me do laundry.  Sunday Miah cleans out her pool by herself. Laurel cleans up after art projects.  I'm loving it.  Just one tiny hitch.  Jay. 
The second picture is a photo of a photo that I hung on the laundry room door.  At the time, it was meant to be ironic, but now it's starting to be true, but do you see the smudge in the corner?  Jay.

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