Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Usually it's the Evil Step Mother, but in this case, it's the Evil Mother In Law!

THIS is Jay's mother.  "No Relation" -Says Jeremiah

We just got back last week from New Hampshire.  It was a great trip.  More on all that later! We were on cloud nine when we got home.  We drove all the way up there from Missouri, so we had time to stop and check things out...it was great.
Now, while we were in NH to meet his family for the first time, Jay's mother found out that we were there.  Apparently this made her angry and she began a "Call your mother" campaign.  Jay and I both received letters on FB imploring us to talk to Terry from a couple of people.  I had finally had enough, and called the number we were given, to tell Terry to go away.  Again.  Forever this time, please! Literally HOURS later, we got out of the screaming phone match, only to find we were on the phone with the Provost Marshall, because his mother had also begun a "Ruin Jay's career" campaign...and had called the cops on her kid to complain that he was taking away her "Grandparent's rights" and displaying "conduct unbecoming an officer" . He's not an officer, and she is an idiot.  To make a long story short...we have the paperwork for restraining orders ready to go...and she has been googling us. This is where my blog comes in.  I can see where people are coming from when they come to my blog, so when I saw Fort Meyers Florida, I knew that she had found me.  Ugh! So, now I am only talking to ten people, but it's a damn good ten people, and I love you! 

This is the letter Miah wrote, to try to get Terry to back off.  It didn't work.
 Terry decided that we were telling Miah lies about her and keeping her away from her grandkid.  Well, no, we aren't lying, but we ARE keeping her away! Miah knows what the deal is, and she can make her own decisions.  I really thought that Miah saying the words would stop her, but her and her friends just accused us of brain washing her.  You will notice that I'm not mentioning Laurel.  Nope....just Miah.  Apparently Laurel isn't worth bothering about in her eyes.  Huh. NOT that I'm complaining! I can't go into too much detail, but I can say that Jay's mother is a drunken, drugged up whore...I have witnessed this myself...and the childhood she provided for Jeremiah is not one that I would even wish on Terry herself.  MY kids will have nothing to do with this crap.  Ever.  (Insert not idle threats here.)
These attractive people are Jay's Father's family.  Jason, Kelly, Frances and Tom.

Jay, Tom and Jason
Anyway, I thought you might like to see what Jay's nice family looks like.  We had not met Tom and Frances before this trip, Jason and Kelly we met in Williamsburg a couple of years ago.  These are good people.  I hope knowing them, and knowing more about his father helps Jay.  He needs more good people in the world to know. 
Tomorrow! I will post pictures of our trip, and tell the story.  All good, happy stuff...well, and a flat tire thrown in for good measure. 


Samantha Laforest said...

Way to go Miah! Such a powerful letter from someone so young. You are a very brave girl.

April Wilson said...

I hate family drama. I really hate it for Jay. He some how came out of his moms drama as a great guy! Miah is such a strong young lady..I wouldn't want to mess with her! Or her big sister, though the "grandma ma" isn't involving her she is involved and "grandma ma" wouldn't stand a chance with those two girls having each other's back! She's no match for those La Forest girls. I got to this post last..it being the oldest posted;) loved the pictures and Jays family looks very nice. I'm glad he had a good time with them! Love you guys:)