Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finding My Past

The above pictures are all from The graveyard where John and Jane( McFarland) McCollum are buried.  I'm not sure if the church is new, or if it's a church they might have attended.  More research needed!

We think this is where Ambrose and Basil Jones are buried.  We searched the entire graveyard, and could not find them.  We KNOW they are there somewhere though.

The stretch of road where Ambrose was hit by a truck, and left for dead.  His son, my grandfather, found him the next morning.

The above pictures are all of Basil Jones' farm.  I don;t know if you can tell from the pictures, but it is an enormous horse farm.  Basil died in almost the exact way my dad did.  He was telling the farmhands what there jobs were for the day, seemingly fine, then he died of a sudden heart attack  they never knew he had any health problems, according to the obituary.

The farm across the way is for sale.  Dare I dream? I just looked the farms up, and they are going for millions.  I am flabbergasted that my family was able to run a farm like this. Incredible!

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