Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Idle Wednesday

 A while back I saw a kitchen towel at the store that I really liked.  I remember mom having one like it, and Sheila has one now that is similar.  I love having the towel that is buttoned in place that won't end up on the floor, chewed on by the dog, or piled up in the sink a nasty wet mess.  Silly me, I thought, "I can do that!" so I did.  I went to the dollar store and got eight cheapo hand towels, and had some material in my art room left over from a curtain project I did years ago. I made a pattern (with a brown paper bag) matching the one I saw at the store, and got to work.
Each towel got cut in half, so altogether I ended up with sixteen towels.  The kids were not amused.  I got them to help me iron the material, cut the patterns out, and turn them right side out.  We made a perfect assembly line, right up until Miah gave up out of boredom! Luckily my sewing machine has a buttonholer, so the worst part of that was simply figuring out HOW to do it. Once I figured it out it was a piece of cake.  After sewing on sixteen buttons my fingers were dying, so thank goodness I hadn't been more ambitious!

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April Wilson said...

Those are really cute!