Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On the way to NH. Gettysburg!

The graveyard in Indiana. My McCollum grandparents are buried here.

Bronze monument at Gettysburg.


The bird's eye view of the Eisenhower farm.

These "Fences" have been around since before the Civil war!

Mr. Orourke was killed on Little Round Top during the battle.  Everyone touches his nose.  For luck?

View from Little Round Top, where one of the bigger battles was fought, and almost lost.

Jay, atop the largest monument.  New York clearly has self esteem issues!

All views from Little Round Top.  I really liked this view!

Where one of the most famous photos from the Civil War was taken. (And it was a fake!)

This, and the next three photos above it and two below are of a field where so many dead soldiers covered the ground that you COULD NOT walk without stepping on someone.  This is also where the Singing Soldier's song echoed across the hills, and the hymn was enjoyed by both sides.

Trostle Farm

The round hole is a cannonball hole!

This is called the Witness Tree. Its been there since before the war, and is mentioned in the picture below.

More Battlefield.  The filed was enormous.

A 360 of the field.

There are two of these statues, one on each side of the field.  The two opposing generals staring at, and challenging each other.

Slave house. Right on the battlefield. It's tiny.  It was damaged greatly by the battles, and the government refused to give the owner enough money to fix it. 

The funny thing was, I was musing out loud when we happened upon this sign at the graveyard. I felt properly chastised.  LOL

I took pictures of all the Smiths and Jones in case I find one of them belongs to me.  I have a LOT of relatives that fought in the Civil War, but I do not yet know if any of them are here.

Where the Gettysburg Address was given.  It's a beautiful place.

The above are all of the monument at the graveyard.  Breath taking.

New York (Part of it, anyway)

George Washington Bridge.  IT costs 13$ to drive across!

Just a cool Hotel somewhere in New England.

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We had to stop in Salem to get another hot Pastrami Sandwich.  It was good enough that we had been waiting seven or so years to get another one.  Worth it!
I know there are a ton of photos here, so I'm not going to take up too much of your time with writing.  Just enough to say that we went out of our way on the drive to NH a couple of times.  Twice, to two different graveyards to find and photograph some of my recent ancestor's graves, and once to Gettysburg.  I have always wanted to go, and this was the perfect opportunity!  We bought a cd at the gift shop that narrated the war, gave us the tour, and really added depth to our visit.  If you ever go...I highly recommend this!!! I hope you enjoyed my photos...and forgive my flights of artistic fancy.  I always take hundreds of photos, never wanting to miss anything. You can tell how excited I was about the trip by the large amount of pictures. 

This is a monument to the doggie mascot who stuck by his soldiers during and after the battles.  It almost broke my heart...

It seems like every single building in Gettysburg is historical.  We couldn't even begin to see them all.

The view a soldier would have of the battlefield, crouching behind the wall. 

The birds are in Salem.  They were waiting to nab our food!
Sorry the pictures are all jumbled up! I had to switch between the camera and the cellphone, so they aren't even remotely in order!

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