Thursday, April 10, 2014

Home Sick, again.

I've always thought it was so sad that I no longer live in the town where charlie and Larry are always walking down the road, on the way to or from the square, or where people wave at you, driving in your car, while they are driving in theirs, or where I recognize at least half of the faces driving past me.
Here people drive like they are insane. No one in Edmonton would ever flip you off while THEY cut YOU off, maybe because you know where they live, and you could get them back...
Home is where you went to school with the guy you buy your feed from, the guy who fixes your car, and the teachers who teach your kids. Here you never meet the teachers, your scared of the guy who fixes your car, and who the hell knows what a feed store even is?!
At home, the FedEx guy (TODD!) stops and says hello, has a conversation with you. Here the FedEx or UPS guy are running to the truck so fast you don't get a chance to say "Thanks".

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