Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More NH Trip Photos!

This is the church that Jay was baptized in.  St. Francis

Simon Pierce Glass blowing.  We got to watch them make goblets!

I love Jay's reaction!

Kelly's sister got us tickets to this show.  The comedian was hilarious, but the acts before him were,

Jay and Tom at Parker's Maple Barn.  Incredible food!

We got to meet Sam (Finally!) and Jays Aunt and Uncle.

Checking out Tom and Frances' model home.  It's going to such a great place!

Our goodbye dinner was at a great Italian restaurant. This is the first time I've ever eaten Italian at a restaurant that wasn't terrible. Actually it was great!

Jay's ancestry fan chart.

I added Jay's photo too.  He would like to point out that this is his last rank. I'll replace it the next time he does his DA photo.

Jay's Uncle Connie's flag and picture.
I realize that Frances seems to be missing in these photos.  Every single time I took one, I happened to catch her at a bad time! I swear she must be related to Jay, because I have the same issue with him! I know how much I hate bad pictures of myself, so I won't run the risk of embarrassing anyone else.  Next time, I will be sure to be more careful!

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