Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Idle Wednesday

It used to be white washed, but I painted them with red weather proofing paint.

The "Flower Bed"

Happy, and sweaty.  I thought it would be cool to turn this into a dog bed one day.  A simple addition of a few holes,  rope  and maybe some ready made legs from Lowe's would make a great rope bed for Ama, I think.

Laurel and I worked on this one together.  The bench I bought from my little brother some time ago, and it had really out lived its usefulness. It wasn't terribly comfortable and I had only bought it as an excuse to be able to give Bub money anyway.  I had been mentally throwing it away, or giving it to goodwill, but I kept thinking it could do something.  It turns out that what it did was give me something to do over the weekend.  I don't  know if Laurel enjoyed doing it as much as I did, but I got a real sense of triumph out of it.  Next year I'll add more flowers AND more dirt.  We encountered a strange thing when Jay, the Girls, and I all tried to dig the holes for the plants.  Our yard is like one of the yards out of "The Truman Show" (The movie with Jim Carrey) about two or three inches past the  grass, the entire yard is gravel.. Weird, and creepy!
Anyway, I got inspired to make the rest of the porch look decent, and this is what I ended up with:
Jay's Gnome. We bought it while in Gatlinburg With the Posey's.

After a couple of months, this is now completely covered in vines!

The stump we brought back from our Maine trip. The vines did not like it.

Tired from digging and weeding!

The view from my chair.  Not the best one I've ever had, but it'll do for now.

Wash bucket foot stools.

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April Wilson said...

I missed a ton of your blogs:( you all did a great job! I always try to dictate work, planting flowers and things but it never turns out well! Lol