Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Idle Wednesday

THIS is the easiest project I have ever done, and possibly the most versatile. Depending on the size of your plates, you can store anything from candy, fruit, cake, jewelry, whatever you want!
The most difficult part was finding the materials.  I searched antique stores, goodwill, target...until I found these four matching plates at Olde Town Antiques, and these great candle sticks at Goodwill which were brand new cast offs from Target.  This Goodwill gets a lot of brand new merchandise from the Target store, so I go there first if I need anything.  Why spend $40 on new dishes, if Goodwill might have an entire box set for $10 (which they did, and YAY!)
so, basically, I centered the candlesticks on the plates and affixed them with E-6000 glue.  This stuff is my go-to for most projects requiring glue. It holds incredibly well, and after it dries (clear) the excess can easily be pulled off like rubber cement.  I have large pieces of pottery that are still being held together with this stuff after more than ten years.  It works!

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