Friday, March 18, 2011

Large Group (Band)

I'm chaperoning Laurel's trip to the Large Group Performance today, for some reason I keep wanting to say "Big Band"  lol.
Last year I took Miah with me because at the time Jay's schedule absolutely did NOT lend itself to emergency kid pick ups...however this year he gets home just after her school lets out so he can skip PT to get her. 
I have to load the 7th and 8th grade's instruments into the back of my Jeep, drive an hour and then spend most of the day waiting.  Laurel's part is only going to be about three songs, but there is a lot of rigmarole involved.
Miah really made the entire day entertaining. She took pictures which I posted here, and she danced to music and recorded herself, and she cheered her big sister on like no one else can.  I'm going to miss that today. 
I've been trying to upload videos here for days, and it's still not cooperating, so there more than likely won't be videos posted later, but I will post any pictures I get.  Wish Boo luck, she's nervous as hell.  She's got this though. 

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