Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's Call it a "Quick" Trip to Lowe's

I have to make a confession.  I am a procrastinator.  The evidence is this:  I've been using only two burners on my stove for a really long time.  So long I don't even remember when the two burners stopped working!  Jay begged me last night to go to Lowe's today and fix the stove...of course it was only important to him at the time because HE was the one cooking.  I asked him back when the big burner broke to pick a new burner up for me, and he only looked at Wal-Mart before giving up.  I still think Wal-Mart has burners, and he just couldn't find them.   He's guilty of not trying very hard to fix the problem, and I'm guilty of putting off what I knew I would end up doing eventually anyway.  I was trying to give him a chance to take care of it....
So, anyway, I picked the kids up from school and headed to my favorite store to pick up the goodies.  I LOVE going there, because every single time I go I learn something.  For instance, did you know they made Appliance Epoxy that covers scratches and prevents rust?  I didn't, but I do now!  Our fridge is old as hell, and belongs to the house, so there was (I thought) nothing I could do about the scratches, and rust developing around them.  Ha!  In a little bit I will scrub that old thing down and make it look like new again. 
While I was at the store, I saw that they also had the Range Receptacle (the thing the burner plugs into) so I grabbed it as well as four new burners, the drip pans, and brand new knobs that have the temperature markings on them.(the black is seriously wearing off of the stove, and gets worse every time I wash it.)
I washed the stove, then re-wired the large burner, and replaced the rest of the plates and burners.  Not only does it look a million times better, but every single burner works perfectly.  Also, Laurel now knows how to use the breaker box, and where it is.  One more thing that won't intimidate her later, as I explained what it's for and why you need to flip the switch before you do any handy work. -Ninja Mama
Miah would like me to say for the record that Daddy taught her how to pump gas yesterday.  She was so excited to fill the gas tank, while dancing around and singing.  She is always complaining about gas prices, so it's only a matter of time before I look over my shoulder to see her pumping unleaded and singing songs  about going broke to buy gas.   I wish I'd had my camera, because the Miahs were so cute together. 

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