Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's Goin' On?

We've been forewarned..."Expect orders in the next ninety days." -Ya right, I say.
A certain someone doesn't know how to to the job assigned them...so Jay's leave forms are still sitting on a desk, unsigned.  We were supposed to be heading out the first week of April...-Ya, right, I say.
I've been doing yoga, Pilates, and some weight training for the past three weeks.  I'm starting to feel a difference in my energy level (that is until the time change, grrrr!) and I'm already more flexible.  Jay showed me how he and the guys have been working out, an now my right arm is on fire.  My left arm is perfectly fine, but my right one is screaming at me.  How odd. 
I've been feeling the "lets go somewhere bug" for a while now.  Mentally packing my stuff, and planning purges of unneeded items.  Long before the threat of orders, I've been ready to take this adventure elsewhere.  It's so much easier to leave a place when you have no connections to it.  I have successfully NOT made any friends here, so there is nothing holding me here.  It's funny that the last time we lived in this woe begotten state I did the same thing, and Jay was always fussing at me about it. However, when it came time to go, I was unencumbered.  Who says I don't know what I'm doing?  Fort Campbell was different.  We were there for seven some odd years and a wonderful group of friends sort of waltzed in and pulled me in.  Thank goodness they did too, because I have some of the best, coolest, most talented army friends in the world.  I am so ready to leave here that I actually miss Campbell!  I never thought I'd say that!  I'd love nothing more than to head to Colorado, Oklahoma, or even Kansas.  I've never lived on the other side of the Mississippi, and it's just about time to.  I know Mom and Ron won't like it, but it's half the point of being in the Army in the first place.  The first thing the recruiter says is "You'll get to travel, and see other parts of the world."  Maybe Jay has, but all I've seen has been the East Coast...unless you count Alaska. 
Anyway, on to other things.  Laurel has a new boyfriend.  He plays the trombone in her band, and is already scared of me.  lol  Good.  They had a recent field trip to the Theater here in town, and a band concert as well.
Miah and her boyfriend Mathew.
The band, waiting for Mr. Sliver.
Clapping for the other students.

Adds up to thirteen, is this the same bus the Band always uses on field trips?
Laurel decided to ride in the Jeep with Mama.
Waiting for "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" to start.  Not sure what this has to do with band.
We sat on the balcony.  Laurel freaked over the height. I thought it was cool!
This is an old theater, and it shows in the design.
Great details!
On the way back to the car, Laurel got her pic taken with the "Godfather of Soul".  He was born here.  Laurel isn't unhappy, she's just folding her arms because it was SOOO cold!
 The theater's history:

Imperial Theatre

The Imperial Theatre is an 853-seat theater. The theater opened on February 18, 1918. It is named after the Imperial Theatre in New York City.


The Wells, was built for the presenting of vaudeville and photoplays to the community by Mr. Jake Wells. The Theatre opened on Monday, February 18, 1918. A reporter for The  Chronicle attended the opening and reported in the paper the following day: "Presenting B. F. Keith's Supreme Vaudeville Co. Formally of The Grand Opera House, another Jake Wells operated venue." It was very successful first week. Below are price listings for opening night.
Prices for Opening Night, Feb. 18, 1918
• Matinee: $0.10 and $0.20
• Evening: $0.15
• Orchestra $0.35
• Balcony: First Section: $.35, Remainder: $0.25, Gallery (Colored Section) $0.15
Celebrity at the Theatre
Although it is a certainty that a large number of celebrities of the day must have graced the stage of the theatre only a few are documented in the Imperial Theatre's archives. Among the earliest recorded appearances was the visit of Charlie Chaplin, who appeared at the theatre on April 18, 1918 selling Liberty war bonds.
The Wells Becomes The Imperial
On Sunday, October 6, 1918, over 3,000 cases of Spanish Flu were reported. With the death of 52 servicemen from a local military camp, the city announced the closure of all public venues, including the theatre. The quarantine began October 7, and during this time Jake Wells encountered great financial difficulties. He sold The Wells to Lynch Enterprises. On November 27, 1918, shortly after the sell, the quarantine is lifted. Two weeks later the theatre opened under the name of Jake Wells with The B. F. Keith Supreme Vaudeville Co. After the acquisition of several other local theatres by Lynch Enterprises, The Wells Theatre's was changed to The Imperial Theatre. Throughout the early 1900s the theatre continued to provide the city and the surrounding area with great entertainment. Included in this bill of fare was Leo Carrillo who later became the Cisco Kid's partner, Poncho; and the famous ballet dancer Anna Povlova. It is in the Broad Street Historical District and is listed on the National Register as important to the character of the entire district. -Wikipedia

Jay just got home from the NCO of the Quarter Board. He was all upset that he had to go...and he won. 
Now he gets to go represent the Battalion at the Brigade Board...and if he wins THAT one...he keeps going to the Post Board.  He doesn't seem to have much confidence that he can go that far, but he didn't think he would do too well on this one because he only had three days notice.  I guess me helping him study does help.  The next board is in a week, so we have more studying to do.  Wish him luck!  I'm taking Jay to "Pickles" to celebrate.  He saw the restaurant on the way back from the dry cleaner's and hasn't been able to stop talking about it.  He's so cute when he's excited.

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