Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Idle Wednesday

My favorite.

Practicing consistency.  Not easy!

Learning how to use the pick to drag different colors of glass together.

This is so UGLY, but I was playing with making vines and flowers.  The cream colored glass I started with turned into a sooty version of itself.  I'm not sure what happened.

Learning to encase strands of color in translucent glass.

Not my best photos, but I'm short on time today, so I had to go with them.  Remind me next time I take pictures of my hands to get a manicure first!  I'm still just learning how to do this, so don't expect too much!  I'm practicing almost every day, basically learning how the glass acts when you do certain things to it.  Youtube is an amazing source for tutorials if your interested in seeing how it's done.  I'm going to go ahead and post this before I change my mind...I keep noticing things wrong with the beads, and it's bugging me!  So, here goes! I'll post more as I get better!

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