Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The flipside of an idiot

OK, so I'm not necessarily your average man. I'm not a sports addict, I don't live for fast vehicles, and John Wayne is not my ideal man. I know that Stacy has likely filled a few pages with ire at what these fools have said, but I feel the need to weigh in with my apparently superior Y chromosome.
(those of you that agree with these nincompoops may need to be informed that the above statement was written sardonically)
Jokes aside I do have a few bones to pick. First and foremost is the basic principals of the book. Narrowed down to the most primal statements, this woman appears to be saying that the woman's liberation movement is the cause for all of the nation's ills. Maybe I'm oversimplifying, but this female is using her past as a politician to tell us that the revolution that gave her the rights to be a politician needs to be reversed and we need to go back to when women kept their mouths shut. EXCUSE ME? Can I get a remedial revision of this book because I just don't understand. Is this similiar to the rock and roll artist who became famous for performing while stoned telling me not to get high? Come to think of it she is starting to make a strong case for at least one woman to go back to keeping silent.....
And to Mrs. Hagelin - from one human being to another, no offense intended, but what are you smoking? I am a father of two daughters and for you even to say that the feminist movement assaulted the family or freedom is downright baffling. Where is the "radical agenda" in me telling my two little girls that they can be anything they want to be? The promise was not that woman could be scum and "enjoy everything men typically do -- like casual sex, long hours at work, less family time." The promise was that women could be FREE to attempt to live their lives as they saw fit and not as some theocratic dictator decided they should. Listen, lady, I want better too. I want my marriage to last, I want to know that my children are properly cared for, I would love to work part time if it payed the bills; unfortunately we don't have that choice anymore. In a time when families are forced to get three jobs just to get by, you would have the women stop working? And just how would that improve their situation? . . . . . . Oh, you want them to read a book that they then couldn't afford and stay home and clean the house so the bank can take it when the mortgage isn't paid. By the by, thanks for only telling us to share this book with our pastor. At least the priests, rabis, gurus, assorted other clergy, and of course all the agnostic and atheists out there won't have to waste time on such drivel.

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