Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Large Group Performance

The Large Group performance was today...
Miah had to skip school because Jay couldn't get the time off, and we weren't going to get back before three to be able to pick her up. I'm glad she went, because she was fun. below are random pictures from the day, all of the kids filing onto stage, Miah snapping shots of me talking while walking with the couple of other parents that were able to go, and yes, I snuck a couple of pictures of the actual performance even though we weren't supposed to. I even sat my camera down and hit record while the kids were playing so that Daddy could hear later. I might not have followed the rules, but what good wife would have in this situation? The prepared music was good, only a few small issues, but the site based portion was great. They have 6 minutes to look at a piece of music that they have never seen before, then have to play as a group this music. I was worried. The first time I had to do this it was as an individual, not as a band, and I almost lost it, but how would the entire band sound?
It turns out that they were great. They scored two superiors, and one excellent, and got a superior on the site based too. If you don't know....this is awesome! I am so proud of my baby girl! I wish that some of my old band mates had been there to cheer her on! The next generation of band geeks is alive and well!
I had volunteered to haul some of the instruments, and while it wasn't a big inconvenience, it did mean that I had to stand in the rain and stack all of the instruments in the van. At this moment I am still soaked to the bone. It poured saxophones and tubas all day. I'm going to work on the videos, fingers crossed they load!

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