Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rogue Soldiers, Afghanistan Photos, and why we should be done with these wars.


If you click the link above, you will understand why I felt the need to say something.  There are pictures published in a German magazine this week, which show some of our soldiers posing with dead Afghan civilians, as if they were ten point bucks back in Kentucky.  They blur the dead mens' faces, but you can still see the disgusting nature of the photos.
If this latest development (the actual incident happened last September sometime) isn't proof that the American military needs to pull out of the middle east, I don't know what is.  Things like this have been happening since the beginning of the war, and of course, things like this have been happening since the invention of war, but this is no excuse.  One of the soldiers was prescribed meds, rather than actually having  his mental issues properly treated.  As they state in the video, these meds are known to cause suicidal thoughts, and violent behavior...The Army as a whole seems to treat soldiers' mental issues this way across the board.  Yes, there are a couple of programs in place for PTSD, and they ask you when you get home if you "are going to, or feel like you might, kill someone."  However, the things they do to try to prevent suicide, and the things they do to treat PTSD are superficial at best.  It has been time for quite a while for the military to get a break.  We are NOT accomplishing anything in Iraq, after TEN years, and god only knows what's going on in Afghanistan, seeing as the media practically ignores that country altogether.
To top it all off, I have heard two different government officials refer to Libya as a "small war".  When is WAR ever small?  General Ham himself said to an ABC reporter that he wasn't sure what the plan is over there.  Countries are backing out of helping because they ware unsure as to who is in charge, there is no plan, and no one knows what the objective is.  America needs to learn from it's mistakes.  We have no right to be involved in Libya, and as of last night the news reported that we don't have a clear picture of who these rebels even are, let alone what their endgame is.  We need to turn around, and fly the hell home.  My god, what is Obama thinking???  I absolutely refuse to to accept another war, another deployment to another crappy country, or more "rebuilding".
I don't know a single Army wife that isn't sick and tired of being a single mom, or grabbing a screwdriver and fixing her own washing machine for the fourth time, or having panic attacks every time there is an unexpected knock at the door. 
If I believed in hell, I'd ask the man I voted for to go visit there until the wars are over.  All three of them.
I'm pissed.

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