Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Idle Wednesday

 Perfect is boring!

My mom directed me to a tutorial on wiredupbeads.  I like the idea...but it's blue first of all...and it looks too perfect.  The directions are made for beginners, and I found them irritating...I used my own much smaller pliers, smaller gauge wire, and I made the loops lopsided, overlapping, and different sizes, because perfect really is pretty boring.  The other change I made was to the hook (the directions made theirs huge) and the last loop.  I made the hook smaller, and I wrapped the loop to finish it rather than leave the tail loose.  That drives me nuts. That said, I love the bracelet I made.  It's small and delicate, and light as a feather.
Hook and Loop Clasp

Mine...made from 24 gauge copper wire.

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