Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Idle Wednesday

Hammering out your frustration!

These spoons were all buy themselves in a shoebox, engraved with our last initial, waiting for a reason to exist. Things tend to pile up that way here. I know there will be a use for it someday, it's cool, or some such thing...

I saw some forks that had been hammered and reused as hooks, so I made a bee line for the spoons and got to work hammering all of the week's frustrations out. I used a small chasing hammer, and a vise to shape and bend them, and my drill to make the holes. It was loud but satisfying work.
I have three line up on the wall in my bathroom, and they are the perfect place to hang my ponytail holders and headbands. Now, what am I going to do next week??

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