Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Idle Wednesday

Re-Purposing Old Things!!

I found this cute little dress at Goodwill. It's way to short and armless for me to wear, but I loved the huge pockets and the way it was cut. I stared at it for a while, trying to decide what I could do with it. (Read-what is a good excuse for me to buy it)
So, for this, the first week of "Idle Wednesday" I re-purposed this cute little dress into an apron. I cut straight up the back, took the ties off to use later, and used my seam ripper to pull off about an inch of the trim so I could cover the ends of the seam where I would attach the apron strings. A couple of hems and tucks later, and you have a completed project! This is incredibly easy, a great way to reuse old stained dresses you have fond memories of and fun to do!
The pockets are huge, so what I've been doing is wearing the apron like it's a part of my outfit, and as I go about my day I can stuff and store things in the pockets to place in their proper room later. I know I sound like a 1950's wife here, but I love my apron. If I have a huge load of laundry to move, or a stack of books to put away, all I have to do is lift the hem and use it like a's my new favorite thing.

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babiesbrown said...

Cute! I love it, Stacy. I also really like the design & idea behind your néw blog. Very cool!