Sunday, October 24, 2010

Indefinite Re-Enlistment, 10 years and 10 months to go.

The Flags representing all 50 states surround the room.

The Unit Motto.

The unit and company flags.
The Sergent Major insisted I get my picture taken...who says no to him?The SGM, me, Jay and the Lt. Colonel.
He held my hand forever while the 1st Sgt tried to figure out my camera. Embarrassing!
We should have quit while we were ahead...But he signed it anyway!

The 1st Sergent

The Major

The Lt. Colonel
Jay: happy, or distressed?

My t-shirt

The mugs we got. The bottom screws off to reveal a hiding place.

The "coin" The colonel slipped me. (It's a long standing tradition.) Complete with the oath on the back.

The front of the coin has the signal flags, and the Am. flag.

The coin the Colonel slipped Jay, and his knife.

Jay's new hat.

Well, it's official. We are in it for the long haul. We didn't have the ability to choose what post we go to next, but instead received a couple of thousand dollars, an acu back pack, a t-shirt, two coffee mugs, a pocket knife, and an acu pen. The re-up SGT was really big on "swag". I find it's funny that we are supposed to get excited about junk, when what the ceremony is really about the fact that we have made the final decision. There is no going back now.

I've been thinking about the last sixteen years. High school, Basic, AIT, a rotation in Kuwait to guard the border (Before the war) a tour in Korea that was absolute hell, three deployments to Iraq, all of the classes, field training exercises, deployment preparation, two kids, football games, school performances, Barn-Lot plays, four dogs, two cats, a million fish and frogs (never again) broken bones, trips to the er, friends I'll never loose, Operation Homefront, Red Cross, FRG Leadership, seven 0r ten moves, five cars, vacations, and all those stolen moments...what a life we've had together. I have no idea if I'd change it if I had the chance. Sometimes you wish for certain things to go away, but in the end we are all the sum of our experiences. I like us as we are. My little family has had it's share of insanity but we love each other. That I'd never change.

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