Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Atom Video

Miah, my friend Ashlyn, and I (Laurel) made a video about atoms for extra credit in Science. It counts as a test grade, and we were REALLY excited when we finished it. This just proves that it was THOMAS that caused us to not finish out Flowers for Algernon video.
We also made a song about atoms. That was not included because *someone* didn't realize which video was the blooper, and which video was the song we needed. Hopefully, I'll have the graphics and stuff done on that soon, and I'll share it all with you!



P.S. The last couple minutes is the rest of the song "Nobodies Listening" by Linkin Park, so it isn't super-long or anything, and you can just skip that....unless you like that song, of course. LOLZ!!!

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