Friday, October 15, 2010

New Title, New Weekly posts

I've decided that I'm tired of the old title...I don't really talk about the Army much right now, so it really didn't seem very accurate. However, my friends and family all are far flung from each other, and the main goal of my blog was always to be a connection to you all, so I found myself inspired to make a change.
I haven't posted much of anything lately because nothing much has been going on. Jay's schedule has been erratic, hectic, and ridiculous. We've tried several weekends in a row to go both to the zoo, and the pumpkin patch, to no avail. The idiots that be have had Jay doing cq, staff duty, and some other duties every weekend. Therefore, life has consisted of a very boring routine, one that no one would ever be interested in!
I've decided that I am going to launch a new weekly post. Jay is too busy to do Thursday's thoughts, so I thought I'd start "Idle Wednesdays" Every Wednesday I'll post something I've made. This could be jewelry, sewing, photos, or paintings. Anything that has been created by my own two hands. I definitely need something to do every week, a goal to accomplish so I'm not quite so bored out of my skull!
I'm off to plan next weeks project, have a great weekend!

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