Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Dance

Laurel's school had their annual Halloween dance. Laurel took the opportunity to dress up rather than wear a costume. We don't celebrate the holiday, but I figure this doesn't count as doing so. Miah was a little jealous, so she raided her dress up trunk and came out dressed as "The Karate Kid" How cute is that??
I have to mention this also: At the dance they have competitions, scariest, ugliest, prettiest...etc. The teachers line the kids up, and judge them. *Sigh* Laurel won prettiest costume, her prize was a free slice of pizza, and a soda. Geeze...all her life I've avoided the people who swear she should be in pageants, and they snuck the very thing I was trying to NOT teach my daughter into a halloween dance. Beauty or attractiveness should never be used to get what you want in life. Thanks teachers for showing her how the world works. Errg!

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April Matthews Wilson said...

Well she really is beautiful she cant help it:)