Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Those who are too dumb to engage in politics are punished by being
governed by those who are dumber. -Plato

It's that time again. We are gearing up for election season. The state of politics has bothered me for as long as I've paid attention to it, but it seems to get worse and worse every year. These days we do not elect the people that are best for the job, or even elect the people that have the answers. We now watch a battle of mud-slinging, pandering, and sound bytes and either for the person that has the least skeletons in their closet or blindly pick the person our party of choice has presented us. WHY?!?! There are people in this country who are smart enough to solve our problems. Millions of people balance their household budget every week. Millions of homes have learned to not waste resources. Business owners from state to state have learned to keep both their workers and their customers happy. Often one works to improve the other. But many of these same people are unwilling or afraid to step up and lead our country because the political realm is so dirty and vicious. If you are in one party, you will be attacked by the other, so first you must prove that you are a better candidate than anyone else in you party. Let me say that again, not a better leader, but a better candidate. Not that you are smarter, wiser, more discerning, better at solving problems or making hard decisions.... just more electable. I ask you all out there, everyone smart enough to fix the problem, please get involved. And voters, vote for the people who can fix our problems, not the people who will stubbornly drag their feet and blame everyone else for them existing in the first place


Anonymous said...

I feel like we are too far gone to be fixed. I think we are going to have to fall apart to be right again. I have seen the crap in action this month. Ron and I are in the middle of a process that has turned into a nightmare. To buy a truck, get it on the road, to put a man to work driving the truck has been a real education. If you talk to 6 people, you get six different answers. The people in charge of the DOT have no clue what the rules are because the rules are changed every year. I have to have about 26 forms and no one can tell me what they are or who may have a list. I am required to have workers comp on anyone who makes more than $650.00 a year. That even means the guy who mows and weed eats. The crazy thing is that this is a republican state. Republicans believe in very little rules for businesses so they can grow. I am going to have to let my two workers go. I need to find someone who can do my job including all of my paperwork, learn how to sell buildings, carports and all else, and mow the grass too. I can't afford workers comp on three people. That is what all of our government is like. It is a discombobulated mess. Mom

Anonymous said...

Plato. His thoughts are timeless.