Monday, August 22, 2011

Long Weekend

Have you ever wanted to erase an entire day from your memory? I do. It's not that big a deal, but the Friday I embarrassed the hell out of myself. Laurel's first game of the season, and Jay and I were at the consession stand volunteering. It was hot as hell, and I hadn't eaten yet. So, I'm an idiot. I got sick. I almost fainted, tried to bow out gracefully, but that wasn't what happened. I ate, sat in the air for a few minutes, and got a cold wet cloth from a very nice couple of ladies. After a bit I thought I was better, but as soon as I got back into the stand I started to feel faint again. I got a couple of funny looks that made me feel pretty akward and embarrassed. Yay. Jay worked his butt off, and I thought did so well that he made up for my not helping the rest of the night, but that doesn't stop me from dwelling on the situation. I've decided that I'm just going to chaperone from now on. I obviously can't handle the heat. I spent All day Saturday and Sunday trying to recover. I thought I was getting sick, because I kept falling asleep on the couch. No fever, no other symptoms. I think that the heat and low blood sugar, along with high blood pressure knocked me for a loop. I probably should go get checked out at the Dr on post, but good grief. Such a pain in the rear. I think I'm feeling better now, so I'll do my usual wait and see. I'm going to do a better job of taking care of myself before the games. The embarrassment is a lot worse than feeling sick, I have to tell you. Everyone makes such a big deal about it when you fall over.
I still can't seem to shake the embarrassed feeling. I keep dwelling on it. That I keep dwelling on it makes me even more upset. I should be able to get over such silliness.
On the other hand, I have never been more excited for another person as I was Friday. Laurel marching on the field with the high school band was amazing. I was at the stands when she came off the field sweaty, red, and excited. I ALMOST got choked up. Xavier gave me a huge sweaty hug, then Laurel hugged me too. It was the sweatiest, stinkiest group hug ever, but I loved it.
I'm at work with Jay now, so I don't have the video with me to post, but I'm going to get it loaded as soon as I get home. They sounded great, they looked adorable, and I'm so proud!
This season is going to be busy, and crazy, but Laurel is going to love the hell out of it. Tons of pictures and videos to come! I hope some of you get to come down and see it in person!

Xavier, by the way is Laurel's friend. He stayed with us for the week while his mom went out of town on TDY for work. We've been hanging out, playing games, and eating together. Just in time for us to move again. Figures. Donna and Xavier are so fun to hang out with. Miah is so in love with the both of them. She was pining for X this morning, who went home after the game on Friday. I have to admit, it is a little lonley with out him giggling on the couch. :( The entire upstairs smells like his cologne, and crazy-for-him Miah says she never wants to wash her sheets. It's a little weird. We are going to have to keep her away from him! lol

I'm watching Jay grade the Student's tests on their computers. He's so much goofier at work than he is at home. He's bouncing around, making jokes, and fussing at the students. It's odd to see him at work. He's usually so quiet at home. I used to go to his Commo Shop at Campbell all the time and watch him do his job there, but it was a lot different. The structure and aura of that place was more strict and stiff. Here it's a little lighter. I like to hang back and watch him interact with people. His personality changes drastically depending on the people around him, and it makes me wonder if it's a conscious change. I'd like to be invisible for a day, so that I can follow him around and observe him. I think he's facinating. Maybe that's why we are still married?

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Anonymous said...

It's funny how we dwell on things like this. Other people who were around you won't think a thing about it. It is very hard to learn to let go of things. I know, I am the queen dwelling but I am getting better. MOM