Saturday, August 13, 2011


We went home to Edmonton last week, just long enough to drop off some things and come back.  I wish we had more time, because it felt like we were rushing around trying to do everything, but that will have to do for now.  We stayed at Sheila and Scotty's house this time, rather than mom's so that we could bypass all the costumers and the girls could hang out with the kids, and the animals.  Miah was so excited about the animals that she really didn't want to leave.  She and Laurel fell in love with the kitties, and tried to talk us all into letting them have one (can you imagine, two dogs and a cat in one car!) but I fell in love with the puppies.  I want!
School started on Monday.  I watched Scotty's kids head off to their first day of school, and marveled (and laughed) at the paperwork they came home with, but Jay and I got hit with the same pile on Monday. Already we have a preseason football game that Laurel will be marching at, a parent orientation for band, band pictures, and holy cow, $200.00  for uniforms that we really can't afford.  I want to cry.  I know this school is a little more highbrow than we are used to, but they act like we all have money trees growing in the back yard! 
More exciting news: it's official.  Jay has orders, and we are off to a new post. The move is only a couple of months away, so I've already been getting ready to leave in anticipation. I have gotten rid of almost everything that goodwill will take, and have been tossing the rest slowly.  Unlike every single place I've ever lived, THIS place won't take extra trash (defined as anything not stuffed deep into the trashcan) without a huge charge.  I've been spreading it out as well as I can, but my trash bill was still 235.00 last month.  They suck.  I can't wait to GET OUT OF HERE!  

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