Monday, August 29, 2011


Friday was my 32nd birthday.
Jay took me to P.F. Changs (The BEST Chinese food I've eaten, and THAT'S saying something!) for lunch, which we got to eat alone because he rushed home before we had to get the kids from school.  If you try, you CAN sneak in some alone time. 
Jay bought me  a fountain pen for my birthday, along with some pretty paper.  I guess he started searching antique stores, and doing online research to find out what he needed to get.  This might seem like an odd present to get excited about, but the best part of the gift is that when I mentioned the fact that I loved fountain pens, because when I was a kid my dad gave me one and made it seem like a big deal that he did so.  I remember he told me a story about why these pens were the best, and how he'd had one too.  So Jay filed this information away, and months later remembered it and got me one.  THAT'S really the present.  He was paying attention.
The first thing I did with my new pen was to make a bucket list.  Then I realized how boring I am.  I really don't want much out of life, and I don't care about half killing myself with crazy stunts like mountain climbing and bungee jumping. My list is more mundane.  Maybe I'll share it someday, when I think of a better list.  Oprah always says to dream a bigger dream for yourself, but it's hard to do when you don't really know what you want to do anymore.
My mom sent me some money for my b-day this year.  I have to say, some people thing this is impersonal, but I LOVE it!  I have been wanting a smaller camera that I can carry around in my pocket, but I felt bad about spending that much money on yet another camera.  Mom sent me just enough money to get the exact camera and memory card that I had researched for hours, and desperately wanted.  That's so much better than someone guessing at which camera I might want and surprising me with it.  I'm in love with it!!
This is one of the first pictures I took with the new camera.  The awesome is in the fact that this is indoors, with minimal light.   My other camera is very particular about lighting, and this one has several settings that make indoor pictures look natural. Very cool.

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