Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Idle Wednesday

The rocks I started with.

The Pottery shards I started with.

To the right are the pottery shards.

To the left is the largest pottery shard, all the paint came off though.

I'm really disappointed with the results. I remember my dad's rock tumbler did such a great job, and these rocks just aren't up to par. It's especially upsetting since we listened to the loudest, most irritating noise I may have ever heard for more than a month! I'm going to have to invest in a more expensive one, knowing that they aren't as loud, and last longer.  This is something that I'll put on my list of wants, for later.
All in all I  ended up with a couple of shards to wrap, and that's about it.  All of the stones are too small to drill.  :(

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