Monday, July 4, 2011


Pass it on.
When I was little my mom used to tell me this funny little story. 
We lived in Indianapolis, which was a few hours from her family in Greencastle, and Rochester. On the way to visit family, we would pass a round barn (not the one pictured, I took this in Illinois when Laurel was doing the Young Scholars Program there)  The story goes something like this:
My sister Barbara used to tell me about this guy that died in that (Round) barn.  (How did he die?) Well, he really REALLY had to pee, and he was searching and searching for a place to go, and he died because he couldn't find a corner to pee in!
I know darned well that that wasn't verbatim, but that's how I remember it!  I swear to god I used to think it was a true story.  I think my mom did when she was little too, and she was passing the "duh" on.  Correct me if I'm wrong mom, how does it really go?
I took the picture as we drove by, because it reminded me of the story (joke). 

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Anonymous said...

That's it. i am sure I didn't use the exact words of my sister but who cares. The meaning is just as funny.