Monday, July 11, 2011


Right out of a movie?
I took this picture while on a field trip with Miah one year.  Somewhere in the Clarksville Tn. / Oak Grove, Ky area.
Miah got to plant beans, mash peanuts into peanut butter, and made friends with the farm's hound dog.  She tried desperately to take him home, and he was more than willing.  He followed her everywhere, and tried to get into the van when it was time to go.
Miah saw the truck, and immediately thought of Mater.  This was around the time when she made us watch this movie one hundred million times.  Ugh.
I saw a friend on facebook with a similar post today, and it made me think of this picture.
Today is day 100 of the 365 Days of pictures!  Are you getting bored yet?  Any suggestions as to theme are welcome.  I have a few from friends saved up, so keep looking for your name for credit!

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