Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Idle Wednesday

At 7am, Miah is not a willing model. 
I taught myself to knit this past week.  Like I need another way to make scarves and hats?  NO!  I started with yarn, but my goal was to be able to knit wire.  I made this scarf after three or four tries.  Dropping stiches sucks!  I finally got the hang of it.  This is an infinity scarf.  I really like 'em.
Next week I show off the results of a months worth of rock tumbling, and the week after I will have a wire sculpture necklace.  I'm knitting the first step now.  It's Sloooow going.  Wire is tougher than yarn, so my hands get tired easily, but the great thing is that you cannot drop a stitch because the wire stays where you put it.   I'm really excited about the results so far.  The week after that, I am going to have a pewter pendant that I cast myself.  I have already carved the soapstone, and made the pendant, but I'm working on a finished piece. 
So, if you can't find me, you know why! I'm busy busy busy!


Anonymous said...

The reason I like to crochet better is that you don't have to make a border on your work so it won't curl and it's faster. I haven't knitted in years. My cousins taught me to knit when I was pretty young. My cousins are Debbie, Brenda and Cathy Evens(maiden names). My Grandmother Boswell taught me to crochet. She is the one that made all the tiny fancy huge doilies. You should try using that tiny crochet thread sometime to realize how talented she was. MOm

Kathy Smith said...

You never cease to amaze me! I can't wait to see what you have created next...