Thursday, July 7, 2011


Laurel, reading the Kindle, at the Hanger.  Fort Campbell Ky.
After a fifteen month deployment, you'd think that another couple of hours isn't a big deal.  You'd be wrong.  Laurel is waiting for Jay, and she looks calm, but in reality she (and her sister and I) are all like a live wire jumping around in a pool of water.
I notice that a lot of my pictures deal with deployment, the beginning, the end, but not much in the middle.  The journey through a deployment is almost like the hour in the waiting room of the emergency room, while you are waiting to see if your friend/relative is going to make it.  You're numb for most of it.  Your head is whirring with all of the possibilities.  But afterward, you hardly remember any of it.  I seem to have huge spaces of time in my memory that are blank. So it's really the beginning and the end that are really the worst, the parts that stand out in your memory.  The hardest parts to live through.  Deployment, unlike anything else, proves that time is relative.  Look out Einstein!

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