Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summertime, and the Kids are Getting Scheduled this Time!

They're raining on our parade! (BFE, Georgia)
It's official.  We are not getting a vacation this summer.  The Army has decided that Jay hasn't suffered ISP (The Funeral detail) is looking like a possibility.  I will refrain from being as rude about it as I'd like to.  For now.  This means that we will not be able to do any of the things we planned to do.  No coming home, no hanging out at Sheila's, no week long trip to Savannah.  @$(%&@()**!!!
What we are going to do instead...well, I'm not sure the kids like so much.  I have a week long plan to scrub the house from bottom to top, in great detail.  We will continue the spotlessness by revisiting every room for ten minutes each every day and doing quick cleanups.  It works, so now the kids are going to do it with me.  I've decided that we are going to all get up at the same time, eat breakfast together, get to cleaning (which after the first week will only take 40 minutes for the entire house, plus dishes and laundry) Then we will spend an hour reading (Miah's challenge) then an hour outside (Laurel's challenge) then we will eat lunch, and find some adventure.  We have some quick day trips planned, all of which are educational.  We are going to TRY to get Jay a four day weekend (Which he is owed from way back when he re-upped) and go to Gatlinburg to camp in the park.  We might also TRY to see Savannah, but probably not.  The kids are going to get to go to WW's every week, which they are happy about, and they are going to help me with the Idle Wednesday and 365 Days of Pictures posts.  Hopefully this idea of mine will keep us from rotting away inside the house all summer.  I hate the idea of wasting that much time. I'm hopeful that starting the summer off with the cleaning project will push them to keep with the schedule.  We'll see.

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babiesbrown said...

I really wish you all the best with your summer plans, Stacy. We are somewhat in your position as well. We haven't been to Savannah since the twins were 3 months old and I am about to lose it. I *need* to get back there, but this summer it probably still won't happen. With gas prices so high, travel is going to be tough. Dh has finagled one week (unpaid) leave from Advance Auto but he has to spend it in Indiana, moving the last of his stuff out of our old barn since the new owners have been kind enough to let him leave a truck, a classic car, a tractor, and many other things there for over a year now. I was going to take off & go, too, but now I have search committee meetings in June for a new creative services director across campus which may end up conflicting. If they do, I am still hopeful that maybe we could take a four day weekend & go to Savannah or Charleston. I'm also with you on the cleaning crew. Don't know if or when we'll ever find a place of our own, but we have TONS of boxes that haven't been opened since we left Indiana a year ago & ridiculous amounts of kids' toys, dog hair, cat hair & all manner of disgustingness that is suffocating me. Despite all that (Whew this is long!) if you make it to G-burg, please msg or ring me! I can be there in half an hour and we need to get lunch or something! I miss the hell out of you!