Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Doesn't it just figure?

It's absolutely my favorite thing...breaking bones.  I think I've broken every bone in my body, except my hipbone.  Last night after we were done watching tv, Jay thought it would be cute to turn the front room light off while I was still sitting on the couch.  Not that it really mattered, because I know the front room like the back of my hand. 
Not last night though! Miah had been laying on the floor coloring on my lapdesk, and hadn't gotten around to sliding it back under the couch, so when I got up to head to bed, I smashed the middle three toes on my left foot right into it.  My feet look a little odd, because my middle toe is longer than my first toe, so it's the first toe to get smushed.  You know that feeling right before you feel the hurt?  It's just long enough to think "Oh, Shit!" and then comes the pain.  Not this time!  I felt it instantly.  As per usual, I squealed, and no one came running.  I cried, and then heard Jay call, "Harley, you coming to bed?"  He's talking to the dog!!  What the??  Seriously, I hurt myself so often, I think my family has stopped caring.  Well, poo on them!  I think my second to last toe is broken.  No, I'm NOT going to go to the Doctor.  As a matter of fact, I had an appointment for tomorrow, and I canceled it today.  YOU try going on post after this week!  The once open post is now on lock-down, and every car is being searched.  NO thank you!  I'll try again later!
On a brighter note, I just had to brag about Jay.  The other day he came home early.  I happened to be preoccupied in the loo - so when he walked in he had plenty of time to get ready to try to "Ninja Hug" me when I came out.  It's so hard to scare me that the family is always trying to get the drop on me.  I actually heard him come in this time, so when I was ready, I opened the door very slowly, then slammed it open to try to startle him first.   What I saw instead was Jay, on bended knee, holding out a huge bouquet of dandelions in his hand.  He had gotten home and picked the two-foot-tall flowers to give to me.  (The dandelions here are jungle sized, I don't understand it!)  How sweet is that?  Usually if he brings flowers home, they are store bought, but he knows that the "weeds" handpicked are my favorite.  He's so awesome...even if he doesn't come running when I yell ouch. 

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