Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Idle Wednesday

This time, the whole family helped with this project. 
Miah kept sticking her tummy out.

With the tummy poking out, it looks like she has no booty. 

From the top.

The bottom, neck  and arm openings are finished with cardboard, after stuffing the whole thing with paper. Then the entire thing is wrapped in another layer of tape.
This is Miah's torso, made by wrapping duct tape around her (she was first covered with a trash bag so the tape wouldn't stick to her.) It was a lot of fun, all of us laughing and joking around, but Miah started to get a little over heated.  The poor kid was almost in a panic by the time I got it off of her. 
The idea being that now I can make shirts and dresses for Miah, without having to have her stand still while I fit them.  Miah is not very good at stillness.  The only reason we were able to do this at all was that she could spin in circles while we placed the tape.  I plan to collect enough Sunday funny papers so that I can decoupage Miah's figure. We all thought that would be a fitting finish.  If you happen to have some laying around, I'd love to take them off your hands.
Laurel wants to get one done of her too, but I have to get more tape! 

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