Monday, May 2, 2011

365 ( Osama Bin Laden is Dead, Now What?)

I'm not having the best day.  Everyone is cheering and happy that this evil man is dead, but it's not over.  I don't get why people don't realize that the instant the US confirmed Bin Laden's death, that his number two became number one.  The U.S. Military will have to continue the search for Al Qaeda leaders indefinitely.  That is, unless the government realizes that eliminating all of them is impossible.
I understand that it's exciting that the figurehead is gone.  The man that we were all told planned the attacks on 9/11 has been brought to justice, and while I think that him dying in this manner was the easiest way to deal with him, I still don't see it as a real victory.  News reports state that he had been in this compound for SIX years.  He's not been in a cave, hiding from our troops, scared for his life.  No.  He's been hiding in plain sight this whole time, IN ANOTHER COUNTRY.  Strange isn't it, that they found him in Pakistan, not Afghanistan?  It just seems to me that all of the soldiers who died in Iraq to "get" Saddam Hussein, and who died in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban all died for nothing.  If we had only waited, gathered intelligence, and sent out a strike force to get Bin Laden JUST LIKE THEY DID YESTERDAY, we might have not lost all of those people.  I am heartsick over it.  So, go ahead and cheer, but I'm going to be remembering our dead.  As I said earlier on my facebook note:
Do me a favor, don't forget that there are still two wars going on, and almost 10,000 Americans are dead because of what Osama Bin Laden started. I will cheer and rejoice when I know that my husband and my friends don't have to go back to the sandbox again. When military "brats" don't have to worry about whether mommy or daddy are coming home, and when Iraqi and Afghan civilians don't have to duck and cover on the way to the market anymore.

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